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Written Testimonials

Product Testimonials

"For the last 3 days in a row I have done a morning spin class. Before the class I have a cup of Javita's new Burn + Control. I have amazing energy thru the class and after class there is no let down or tired feeling. The class is an hour long during which I ride 22 miles and burn in excess of 500 calories. The Burn + Control coffee is amazing!!! It?s a winner!!!" David H.

"I took the Burn & Control before attempting a double workout. Excellent results with an hour of weight work at gym followed by immediate fast three mile run in soft sand at beach. I usually don't have the energy/stamina for both within 90 minutes, but I did with Burn & Control...the energy boost is terrific!" Mark L.

"I'm so excited!!!! just weighed myself for my 1st week and I lost 4 lbs!!!! Also received a message from my friend Sharon and she also lost 4 lbs in her first week. Can't believe how easy this is." La Hileski W.

"I have been on serious restriction from any exercise and I was concerned about gaining weight...I started Burn + Control 6 days ago...and I'm thrilled to report in less than a week, I'm down 5 lbs!" Shirley O.

"I lost 2 lbs last week! I love that it curbs my appetite, and takes care of sugar cravings...my current problem is making myself eat when I really DON'T feel hungry or have the usual cravings....nice problem." Lori P.

"Just got back from a great walk. I have so much energy and enthusiasm for this product that I am calling everyone." June ML.

"Got my "Burn and Control from Javita. Drank it at 10:00. I was not even hungry at 5:00 so I ate small portions for dinner. I did not even want to snack...did not make me feel any different...I just didn't think about food." Shari W.

"Tastes great...I do feel like it curbs my appetite! I'm impressed with the focus it gives me...usually I would just go home being tired but I am more focused = productive!" L.J. Pomona, CA

"Things are turning around already. I have lost inches and pounds. My total body fat index is down and I?ve lost two and a half pounds just from a few samples of coffee." Wendy

"My wife has been my toughest Javita critic. I haven't pushed her to drink Javita because she likes her brewed coffee. Recently she has been drinking Energy + Mind because of the convenience of making it. She likes the flavor of Javita but still brews a pot and drinks it all day long. This morning I gave her a stick of the new Burn + Control. She goes to the gym every morning at 9:00 and I haven't spoken to her all day. I just got this text from her -- "Please bring home more of that coffee. I had a great work out and have barely eaten anything all day long." Stan C.

From Tamara McMillian: Thank you Lyndsey Kenshalo "in 3 months I lost 13 pounds, 3 inches in my waist, 3 inches thighs and 2 inches hips. Total body composition change and I feel great"!!!

From Amy Borsen Greenfield: Love sharing these stories, inspiiring others to make a difference in their health, their life, their way of living! Here is Charlani Kalama from Hawaii. After just 60 days, she has lost a total of 31 pounds!! She has been the consummate professional in sharing her passion, belief and enthusiasm about Javita's coffee and opportunity with all those she comes across not just in Hawaii but internationally as well! So many of us are making a difference in so many lives!!! Beyond proud and honored to be working with not only an incredible product and company, but such amazing people. Go JAVITA!!!!!!!

From one of Lloyd Waters customers: "So this Javita stuff...As a scientist I am skeptical, as a consumer I am happy. =) Seriously improved the negative emotional effects from stress AND only been drinking since Sunday and I am down 2 pounds of the seven I gained in four weeks from stress from working on my thesis.
To all reading this cortisol is a stress hormone that targets your belly area, which is why if you carry your weight in your stomach and chest you are three times more likely to have a heart attack. After doing YEARS of obesity research and dedicating my life to wellness studies I let life get a hold of me and let myself go in the pursuit of higher education.

Dwayne has also a phenomenal weight loss testimony...he is down 2 pant sizes and lost several inches in the waist. His blood sugar level is at its healthy lowest ever and he is a diabetic! He believes he will be off his meds because of Javita!!

"My husband and I grow our Javita business by making up 7-day weight loss challenges. I take 7 coffee packets, tie them in a small shiny organza bag and attach my business card. When people know that they can challenge themselves before purchasing boxes, they are happy about the samples. We are super excited to inform them of the packages you can chose from, and how we took the chance at the $999 ...business elite pack and made all of that money plus a bunch in less than 2 weeks. With the excitement that they see, they know that by taking a leap into the $999 pack, they can quicky sell and make that money plus back...and they do! That's our $999 Club!! I also inform them to start getting pre orders the day they sign up. They usually are just about sold out of coffee before their shipment arrives, and they are super excited that they now have to turn around and order more. It's CRAZY FUN!!" Dana & Skylar Y.

"Hello, my name is Kayrisha I am 44 with type 2 diabetes. I am insulin dependent and have struggled with my diabetes since I was diagnosed and had never seen my blood sugar at a normal level until Diana B. introduced me to Javita's burn control. Two weeks ago, I went to get a haircut and Diana was so excited talking about Javita and asked me to take the 7 day challenge and I did. I have lost 11 lbs. in 2 weeks and my blood sugar has been at 80 to 90 every morning which is perfect. I don't just DRINK Javita, I Sell it and can't stress enough to people how this has changed my life. I can't wait to have my bloodwork done again to see my Dr.'s reaction." Living and Loving Life Thanks Javita! Kayrisha F.

Business Testimonials

From Renee: California Diamond - You can wait a lifetime and not be in the right place at the right time. We can be first. This is the biggest thing I?ve ever seen. I just got my $10,000 Diamond Bonus check. Love it.

Bill Ball: Florida Diamond - Dawn and I had no special background. We came from owning a nursery and the concept of leverage with no overhead was the key. It started with a party, 10 people came, 6 joined, 4 joined the next day and that turned into 1000. We are earning over $20,000 total with our fast start, bonuses etc.

Dr Chi Nguyen: John, you're a full time 12 hour day doctor, why are you doing the business?? Chi, I saw a way to retire early. Now 8 months later I'm earning $6000 a month and having fun with this business. We have a huge problem with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. I love dealing with these issues and helping my people make money.

Diana Breen: Patterson, Louisiana - Supervisor: I made over $10,000 in last 3 months still working full time in my Salon and I love driving my BMW. Everybody passes by to see my BMW. I'm so fortunate. I was able to give my other car to an 87 year client I've known forever. I was amazed when Stan called and told me I was Supervisor and BMW qualified after 21 days. I had no idea what it all meant.

Bill McMunn: Victoria Island Because of other commitments I came in under the radar and I talked to just a few key people. Then I made $9000 very quickly. I was stunned. I've always said if you had the 5 ingredients and the right products people with no background could make it network marketing. I just left my $150,000, 10-12 hour a day position to take a job with fewer demands so I can focus on Javita.

Linda Utas: Abbotsford Vancouver area - Director I joined 7 months ago with 4 kids in sports and a high community involvement. I worked fast my first 30days and talked to everybody I knew and I made Supervisor. I don?t believe in reinventing the wheel so I followed my upline?s lead and taught my team the Road Map to Success. In my first 3 months I earned $11,000. This is so exciting. Last week I was in an airport and my phone pinged to tell me I had just earned a $1100 Infinity Bonus.

Kaina Huddy: Hawaii I started in March and sold 80 boxes of coffee. I earned the #2 enrollers bonus #2. Sold 80 boxes in April. I?ve made $8000 in 60 days part time working full time as a government worker. The other day I was mowing a lawn on my job thinking I?m making more money on Javita even when I?m working my job. I earned the iPad and the BMW bonus. Our weight loss coffee is a brilliant product.

Michele Crist: Bakersfield California 60 days I'm so thankful, so blessed to have found Javita. We own a restaurant and know the stress of keeping our restaurant going with 14-16 hour days 6 days week. And I coach my daughter?s volleyball and basketball teams. We can finally see the Sun coming up over the horizon. I earned an iPad, then a BMW and I was the top enroller in April. Javita is changing our lives and helping us get rid of debt.

Tom Bowman: Florida, just made Blue Diamond. I've never made money like I?m making now. This is the right place at the right time. Gourmet coffee is the real deal. McDonalds gourmet coffee passed Starbucks. This is an incredible industry and our timing is perfect. This is the single greatest opportunity of a lifetime. Plant your flag, get up earlier, go to bed later you?ll never find a better opportunity, I promise you. Our time has come. I?ve earned $40,000 in the last 30 days. This will wake you up and shake you up. Just do what it takes.

From Shirley Okada: Quoting our Hawaii Partner/Leader Dwayne Hashida (who is currently Javita's #1 Top Enroller & Volume Producer)...this is what he texted me throughout the day as he was out there workin' it!! "Javita IS a dream come true! Don't look 4 diamonds make them! They're not hard to find. They are all around you! It?s time to make a new life. Thank you Javita!

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